TEST: How To Determine The Value Of Iodine In Your Body?

Iodine is the most important element for our body. The excess or lack of, affects the weight, mental health, brain function, and other organs, the general state of the organism.

When the lack of iodine in the organism, thyroid increases trying to produce more and to make a sufficient amount of the substance.

It is very important at the time to determine the level of iodine value in the body. This can be done at home using a simple test.


In the evening, before bedtime, apply, using a cotton swab or plain cotton  on the inside of the arm 3 lines Povidoneiodine (PVP-I): thin, thicker and thickest.


  • If in the morning you do not see the lines, be sure to consult an endocrinologist, to complement the analysis and prescribe the necessary medicine.
  • If he only had one thicker line, pay attention on your diet. The most significant source of iodine is iodized table salt. Shellfish, algae and kelp sea other marine organisms, absorb large quantities of iodine in the seas. Fresh cheese, especially goat milk, immature fruits nuts, eggs, dried apricots, garlic, sesame, soy, spinach are, also, good sources of iodine.
  • If it is missing only a thin line – your health is out of danger.

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