The Best Remedy Ever! Without Ingredients and Recipes? Yes, It`s possible!

Laughing is a source of positive energy and thereby positively affects the human body.

In a sincere laugh, more than 300 different muscles of the diaphragm, face, stomach, back, legs and arms participate together. In the same time, the breathing accelerates and raises the frequency of the heart, and it reaches 120 beats per minute.

Here are some facts related to laughter!

  • Spending calories

Science says that in 10 minutes laughing out loud per day, a man can spend 10 to 40 calories. Regular laughing equals to 2 kg weight loss per year!

  • Abdominal muscles

With laughter, to tightening the abdominal muscles. A sincere laughter has the same reaction to the muscles of the abdomen as a series of abdominal exercises.

  • Increasing the tolerance of pain threshold

Laughing increases the amount of endorphins – an enzyme that acts as a sedative

  • It is good for blood vessels

Laughing relaxes blood vessels, and contractility brings them to relaxation and correct rhythm. Thus prevents many cardiovascular diseases and the occurrence of heart attack and stroke.

  • Strengthening of immunity

Laughing reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. Thus protecting the body from infections.

Relax and do not forget to laugh!


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