There Are The First Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer That Women Usually Ignore!

These two conditions are the early symptoms of this disease. The ovarian cancer is a silent destroyer of the female body. It`s because of the symptoms that are very common.

The difference is that the symptoms of this disease are constantly. In addition, women ignore them and also, ignore consult with a doctor and prevent the disease.

Take care of yourself! If you have these symptoms, immediately visit your doctor.


You already know how looks like flatulence or bloating during PMS or when you overeat. But you must know that flatulence is just one of the earliest symptoms of ovarian cancer. The level of flatulence varies – may be small, almost imperceptible, while some women can`t close the zipper of the trousers. One thing is certain – flatulence is the faithful daily companion of this disease.

There Are The First Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer That Women Usually Ignore!

If you can`t rid of the flatulence more than 2 weeks, and if the diuretics can`t help you, you must visit your doctor.

This kind of symptoms is usually commonly associated with food, constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.

Frequent Urination

If you feel that you urinate more often than usual, and at the same time you haven`t increased consumption of fluids, it`s necessary to visit a doctor. This is also one of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer, and it`s necessary to examine the urinary tract and genital organs. There is a strong need to urinate, and the bladder is actually empty.

For this symptom is usually diagnosed – infection of the urinary tract. Your doctor will create you a therapy. If after that you still have the same symptoms, visit the gynecologist.


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