This Drink Will Increase Your Digestion and Help You To Stay Fit!

If you want to be fit, you must use this drink known like ”kanji”, which is practiced in all Ayurvedic clinics.

Brown rice contains lots of vitamins and minerals. That means, that is very important to stay healthy. The ”kanji” drink is made from brown rice, although basically a salty rice water, which in ancient Ayurveda is the elixir of youth and longevity.

Because of the nutritional properties in it, the body is full of energy and power. Also, is recommended to consume it when you feel dehydrated. Kanji drink increases the digestion, so that`s the way that makes you stay fit.

Here is the recipe:


  • 1,5 liter water
  • Salt
  • Brown rice (basmati rice)

This drink will increase your digestion and help you to stay fit!


Boiled water, add one full hand with rice and add a little bit of salt. Boil, even the grain completely softened and decomposed. Now strain the liquid and the drink is ready. It`s recommended to drink it hot, so you can store it in thermos. Drink it every day.

Other benefits of this amazing drink

  • Body and face skin- Because is rich in amino acid, narrows the pores, tightens the skin, stimulates the blood circulation. So, you can use it like face lotion. With cotton put it on the face and let it stay for 20 minutes, like a face mask. Wash the face with warm water.
  • Hair- Rich in coal hydrate, helps in strengthening the elasticity of the hair, increases the shine.

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