A Treatment With 6 Natural Foods To Say Goodbye To Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is defined as the accumulation of triglycerides inside the liver cells. This accumulation of triglycerides originates by combining excess weight and insulin resistance, resulting in a metabolic syndrome. All these disorders cause the fat to accumulate in the liver cells and the liver can not process it effectively, resulting in fatty liver.

A diet composed of foods with excess fats does not necessarily cause a fatty liver but if combined with other issues can trigger this anomaly.

Other factors that may influence a fatty liver include insulin resistance, excess weight, excessive alcohol consumption, hereditary metabolic disorders, toxins and the habitual consumption of certain drugs that affect the normal functioning of the liver .

This is a pathology that requires us to be warned as it does not present specific symptoms especially in a first phase. Often, patients often start feeling tired or with some mild abdominal discomfort. In the case of fatty liver, this organ tends to increase in size, something detectable by a doctor during a simple review and palpation of the abdomen.

Treatment requires the ingestion of medications and changes in habits that lead to fatty liver: weight loss, diabetes control, triglyceride reduction, decreased alcohol intake.

But in addition to this sound advice that encompasses at the same time other pathologies we are going to recommend some of these natural treatments that will help you clean the fatty liver.


Artichokes have the ability to regenerate the liver because they contain a bioflavonoid called kinarin, which helps to recover liver cells. In addition to using this vegetable in itself we can also prepare infusions with leaves and stems. Artichoke juice is an excellent cleansing of the liver. In case you want to use it in infusions you should drink three cups a day.


This vegetable, besides being nutritious and having high amounts of vitamins and its main mineral component which is iron, also has an excellent depurative and rejuvenating effect of the liver. In addition, it provides fiber that fights constipation and other minerals such as magnesium and potassium.


Ginger has recently become of crucial importance when it comes to cleansing the body and liver in particular. It contains antioxidants that cleanse the organs and help lower triglycerides, one of the main causes of fatty liver. You can prepare an infusion by grating two tablespoons of ginger or you can incorporate it in the same way in salads or soups.


This plant contains important medicinal properties and especially acts as an excellent protector of the liver. Its main beneficial substance is silymarin, which helps protect and regenerate liver cells in a short time. This medicinal plant can be found in herbalists or also buy the capsules with thistle extract in specialized stores.


Most citrus fruits have beneficial effects for the liver system in general. But, in particular grapefruit containing naringenin. Is considered beneficial because it activates the chemicals responsible for the oxidation of fatty acids. It is also credited with the ability to decrease body fat and reduce the metabolic syndrome that is causing fatty liver.


Radishes help to deflate bile and these results in a benefit for the liver. It is an effective detoxifier. They are mainly consumed as an ingredient more than salads. But you can also prepare juices to which you can add a teaspoon of honey.

Use one of these natural remedies to protect your liver. Purge it and eliminate the toxins that cause fatty liver disease. In addition, it is important to adopt healthy habits by eating foods low in fat content. And avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol.

Source: http://www.themagicoflife.info

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