What About Vaginal Detoxification? How To Be Careful?

Vaginal detoxification at first glance looks like a fast, practical and simple idea through which you can “cure” your vagina from infection, itching or excess discharge. However, before you start with various herbal preparations you should know what you turn into.

Recently on the Internet can easily find herbal balls, which after 3 days use should clean and restore your vagina balanced state by locking them out of it all the toxins. Unlike herbal vaginal that can be purchased at the pharmacy and undergo a series of tests before they go to market, everything else is presented as a natural remedy is a risk to aggravate the situation.

Vaginal detoxification also known as detoxification of the uterus can easily lead to more serious health problems, experts warn!

What About Vaginal Detoxification How To Be Careful


-Simply leave your sexual organ alone! There is no solid scientific evidence that should be used herbal balls for purification. If you leave these balls in the vagina too long, you can increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome, advises gynecologist Drejon Burch a doctor of many Hollywood stars.

Doctors warn that products intended for vaginal detoxification can be breeders of bacteria and disrupt the normal pH value of the female genital area.

The vagina has the ability to self-cleaning. If you have any problem down there is always better to consult  doctor than to solve the situation in an alternative way.


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