VIDEO: How A Raw Food Diet Changed Kristina’s Eye Color?

Is it possible? Kristina is the girl that notices the changing colors in her eyes. She wanted to share the experience with the other.

According to an alternative health discipline known as Iridology, the eyes are also an indicator of your internal well being and balance. They reflect shine and actually present how clean your body is inside. Iridology is an alternative form of medicine that determines health through eye color.

A raw food diet is claimed to improve circulation, which in turn improves the body’s ability to flush toxins from your body, and as a result can change the concentration of pigment in the eyes. Such effects may cause people to experience a surprising change in their vision as well as their eye color

Kristina`s video in which she explains how her eyes changed from brown to blue-green on a raw vegan diet has over 2 million views. Hear her story and see the photos that she shares, when she was a child and an adult.


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