When are aesthetic interventions justified? What do you think?

There is no part of the human body that can not be corrected with the help of cosmetic surgery. The purpose of this segment of the medicine is not reconstructive – to achieve more beautiful and attractive appearance. There are surgeries of this type, that are unavoidable and quite justified.

When are aesthetic interventions justified?

When are aesthetic interventions justified?

Breast Surgery

Breast enlargement is the most common aesthetic intervention that females practice. With the insertion of implants into the tissue under the glands, they increase the volume and firmness of the breasts. Females usually increase the breast size, due to dissatisfaction with the appearance. But those who decide to decrease the size of the breasts, usually have a health issue.

Women significantly change the quality and the way of living, when the have breast cancer and must remove one or both breasts. Usually it comes to depression, resentment, fear of death and other psychological difficulties. With surgical reconstruction the physical appearance is corrected and symmetry is achieved with the other healthy breast, in shape, size and position.

Nose Spurgery

Rhinoplasty, or reshaping of the nose, is a common intervention that may take place because of aesthetically or health reasons. However, most basic rule is that after a nose surgery, the nose  should perform its most important function -breathing. This surgery can correct the shape and the size. It can also correct the improperly shaped nostrils.

Ear Surgery

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that successfully solves the problem with a emphatic ear lobe. This surgery is done to children and adults. Experts say that , it is the best to convey this surgery before children start school, so they can enter in the new environment without visible anomaly.

Surgical correction of scars

The scars are remains on the skin after open injuries, deep wounds and burns, infections or surgical intervention. There are certain parts of the body where wounds are visible. This correction may be of functional or aesthetic reasons. Mostly, this type of surgery practices skin transplantation from one place to another in order to obtain the desired aesthetic and functional result.


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