You’ve Been Pooping Wrong Your Entire Life.. And You Don’t Even Know About It

The following thing you are going to read is a major one. You are going to learn something you’ve done wrong your entire life.

If you are a western person than you have been pooping the wrong way. We will tell you which the correct way is. So, posture matters. See the picture to give you a good idea of where you have been doing wrong. According to the scientists from the Pelvic Floor Clinic at Stanford University, our bodies are created in a way that makes it more natural for it to squat while pooping, rather than sitting. Sitting causes hernias, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, diverticulosis, and hemorrhoids due to improper strain that is imparted by it.

In a study from2003, the researchers divided random subjects into three groups and each of them were in a different position. The studied the results of their bathroom experiences. The people from the first group was put to sit on a lower toilet, while the other one sat on a higher toilet. The third group squatted.

Do you see where have you been wrong? And now, since you are aware of this you would probably want to change your potty style.



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